Ryan Leffel

Ryan Leffel

Head of Design, Priceline

Ryan Leffel is an accomplished leader in user experience and product design, specializing in crafting strategic, user-centered solutions that drive growth and drive innovation. His skills span team development, process enhancement, and digital strategy, all aimed at elevating the user experience and optimizing customer engagement for a range of notable brands.

Motivated by his passion for addressing complex organizational and design challenges with innovative solutions, Ryan earned an MPS in Interactive Design from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. His adeptness in user experience and interactive design swiftly advanced his career, leading to key positions at major companies such as R/GA, Yahoo!, Corra, Pearson, and Priceline. Beyond his corporate success, Ryan also ventured into entrepreneurship, founding a fitness and training studio where he applied his strategic insights and leadership abilities to a new industry.

As a global speaker, Ryan has shared his insights on eCommerce trends, personalization, conversion rate optimization, leadership, managing change and ambiguity, and building community, contributing to discussions at numerous international conferences and forums.

Currently, as the Head of Design at Priceline, Ryan is responsible for overseeing product and brand design, as well as research initiatives across web, mobile web, iOS, and Android platforms. His extensive experience in UX, design leadership, user research, and digital strategy equips him to expertly align business objectives with user requirements. This strategic alignment ensures the delivery of seamless and compelling user experiences, reinforcing Ryan’s reputation as a transformative leader who not only comprehends the digital landscape but actively molds it to promote innovation and enhance user satisfaction.