A Design Conference for Everyone

UXxUX Mission Statement

In UXxUX we cultivate a community of skill-diverse people that choose to come together to share their learnings as they grow in their industry. Diversity, inclusion, and education are our core values. UXxUX relies on individual initiative, contributions, education and self-organization as the means for us to achieve these goals.

Welcome to the third iteration of UXxUX!

At UXxUX 2024, we're thrilled to bring together 200 like-minded individuals who are driven by a shared goal: to elevate the standard of our work, regardless of job titles or traditional boundaries.

Get ready for three days of intense, high-energy learning that promises to push the limits of what's possible in the world of design.

Meet our organizers

Simon Stolz, Strategic UX leader

Simon Stolz

Simon is a former developer, now advocates for UX and teaches design language.
Maria Papaleo, Strategic design leadership

Maria Papaleo

Maria is a UX design leader passionate about simplifying digital experiences, building great teams, and products.
Ian Muirhead, Product design leadership

Ian Muirhead

Ian is a skilled product and design leader, empowering teams and driving results through collaboration and scalable solutions.